#brainstrust2 tomorrow – will our current leadership strategies deliver?

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The waiting is nearly over for our next “brainstrust” quick and dirty pop-up event in Glasgow College. In keeping with the SELMAS philosophy of providing a platform for mature and open conversations about education and leadership, the brainstrust events focus on a theme, document, or idea which is current or emerging and affords a safe environment for the conversations about it to take place.

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Because SELMAS is an independent organisation run by volunteers we can respond quickly to events, as long as we have the capacity to do so. This second brainstrust event has been made possible by the generosity of our friends in Glasgow College, who have kindly opened up their premises to us. Please take the time to check out a forthcoming event they are organising of their own – the One City event. They’re still looking for some facilitators for the CPD sessions running as part of this event so get in touch with Martin Taylor, Organisational Development Manager if you’d like to be involved.

#Brainstrust2…… Improving School Leadership: Can our current strategies deliver?

Improving School Leadership: Can our current strategies deliver? June 3rd 5.00 – 6.30pm.

City of Glasgow College, City Campus North Hanover Street, 60 North Hanover Street, Glasgow
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Plans for the Scottish College for Educational Leadership are now advancing and a new CEO will be appointed soon. Join us for an open discussion on all aspects of educational leadership and on whether SCEL and other current leadership development strategies will deliver their stated objectives.

Margaret Alcorn (Convenor of SELMAS) will host the event and chair the discussion. Our panelist are: Margery McMahon, Lead National Co-ordinator for SCEL; Walter Humes, academic and journalist, currently Visiting Professor of Education at the University of Stirling and a regular contributor to the online journal Scottish Review; Danny Murphy, Senior Teaching Fellow at the University of Edinburgh; Rodger Hill, Education Officer, Dumfries & Galloway, with responsibility for leadership development and secondary staffing issues and Sue Beattie, , who is currently Head Teacher at Belmont Academy,
Sue has a passionate interest in building leadership capacity and ensuring high quality CPD for staff. She has been actively involved in projects with Tapestry, SELMAS and SCSSA with a focus on all aspects of leadership.

This will be a free event but, to ensure that we can match numbers, accomodation and catering, please let Alex Wood know if you intend attending by emailing him the completed booking form below. SELMAS looks forward to a great discussion and welcoming our many west of Scotland members to our first recent event in Glasgow.
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We are grateful to Glasgow College for hosting this event. SELMAS gratefully acknowledges a grant from the Scottish Government in support of leadership development work in Scottish education.