#brainstrust – conformity and performativity : Peter Peacock and Mark Priestley

Mark and Peter respond to Iain White’s question on whether there was any general commitment among local authorities to school autonomy and offer their views on risk aversion and who drives the conformity agenda.

Peter Peacock and Mark Priestley discuss questions of risk aversion and conformity at #brainstrust

By Diverse Means #Brainstrust

The latest SELMAS event on Tuesday 23rd April provoked thoughtful discussion and some challenging questions. Based on the Commission for School Reform’s By Diverse Means report, both audience and panel shared frank and insightful views on curriculum change; constraints and conformity; inspection and governance, autonomy, performativity and regulation. Over the next few days we will update the blog with clips from the discussion. The conversations on these critical issues have really only got off the starting block – please add your own thoughts and contributions through the comments thread and keep them going.