Brains Trust 3: the Outsiders

We have been quiet on the blog for a while, but we are back in business and very excited about our next event which we are delighted to share with you here: Brains Trust 3: the Outsiders. bt3

In partnership with Polmont Young Offenders’ Institute and with the support of Braes High School, Falkirk we warmly invite you to our discussion forum on:

Wednesday 9th November

at Braes High School, Falkirk


This Brains Trust will build on our recent seam of work on social justice issues, and offers a platform for the voices of  ‘the Outsiders’: the children on the outside margins of our education system, who slip through our fingers often into downward spirals of offending, poverty and harm.

Speakers from Polmont Yong Offenders’ Institute, social work and schools for at-risk young people will offer a brief insight into the challenges they face and the work they do in supporting young people in their care. This will be the starting point for our discussion; contributions from audience are strongly encouraged!

Speakers include:

Charlie Kelly, psychologist at Polmont YOI

Eileen Cumming, Kibble Education and Care Centre

David Noble, Senior Teacher at Hillside School in Aberdour, Fife. Hillside is a residential school for boys with social, emotional and behavioural needs. David is co-founder and host of Radio Edutalk.

Gillian Maxwell, social work.

If you would like to attend this Brains Trust, please register for your FREE TICKET via this eventbrite link

Don’t delay – these events have proven extremely popular in the past. Coffee and Tea will be available on arrival.

Brains Trust – eh??!

What is Brains Trust? For those of you who’ve been before, you’ll remember that these events are quickly organised, pop-up style discussions which arise in response to interest, or as a result of collaborative work we have been doing, or possibly in getting to grips with recent events or policy announcements. This one could be said to represent all three of these stimuli!

Wikipedia has more information on the origins of the term: we like the allusion to a prized body of knowledge or expertise in a given field.This is our aim with Brains Trust – to give space for the discussion of a topic of interest, and hear from expert voices, who might be outside  mainstream channels of communication.

We very much look forward to seeing you on November 9th.

More about teachmeets



Our SELMAS committee meeting today flagged up lots of interesting forthcoming developments: our Young People’s conference on 31st October, our annual conference on 19th November and there was also talk about what we might do for our next forum in spring 2014. The BELMAS conference in Edinburgh was obviously a highlight for many of the committee members and there was talk of the spin-off gatherings from that event which included Ignite! and the BELMAS teachmeet as being particularly inspirational. We have lots of work to do in the forthcoming months to make sure that our events go to plan and maximize leadership impact on learning, but we wondered if anyone might be interested in a Leadmeet-teachmeet gathering on the back of some of the planned events we have coming up in session 2013-14. Please get in touch with your thoughts via @SELM4S or comments on the blog. Read more about teachmeets in this great blogpost from Iain Hallahan, teacher and teachmeet enthusiast in Glasgow – thanks Iain. You can follow him on twitter as @don_iain