Annual conference 2013: What will education look like in 2023?

Over 100 educators gathered on the 19th of November 2013 for the SELMAS annual conference which discussed the theme of futures education. Perspectives on this were shared from school, local authority, employers and the best-selling author and journalist Matthew Syed. There was a very positive buzz around the room as participants discussed mindsets, new technologies and the poverty/opportunity gap.
Over the next few days you’ll see clips and links assembling on this post and hopefully a few guest blog posts as well. Feel free to use these to share collegiately with your colleagues -please leave a comment on how you used them, what they inspired you to change in your practice or what impact they might have on the learning of the young people in your schools.

Here’s Ollie Bray on Hacking Education, Shoeless Learning and looking at things differently…..there is a link to his slides below as well

…and more on Shoeless Learning

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Annual Conference – book now!

Once again SELMAS will be holding its annual conference in the Management Centre at Stirling University and again we have a wonderful selection of speakers.  The conference will take place on Tuesday 19th November 2013..

The conference will look to the future and its theme is What will education and schools look like in 2023?  Two leading Scottish practitioners, Donna Manson, Head of Schools in Fife, and Ollie Bray, Headteacher at Kingussie High School, will be presenting their views.

We are also however delighted to have Matthew Syed as a speaker.  Matthew is a well-known journalist, writer and commentator.  He is also a former Commonwealth table-tennis champion and the author of the inspiring work, Bounce, which explores ‘the myth of talent and the power of practice’.  In looking at the future of education Matthew Syed will bring his analytic mind to the concepts of ‘gifted and talented’ and to strategies to achieve success.

We are still fine-tuning the details of the day’s programme but these three speakers are confirmed and there will be a panel session involving the speakers and others, engaging with key questions generated by the conference participants.

We are certain that, as with all our various events last year, this Conference will be a sell-out.  Once again we would advise you that as well as being open to anyone with a professional involvement in education, to parents organisations and others engaged in the big educational debates, senior students are very welcome to this Conference.  The cost for the day, including lunch, is £80 per delegate, but in keeping with its recent practice, SELMAS is offering any organisation which sends two delegates, providing at least one of them has never attended a previous SELMAS event, two places for £120.

We are now accepting bookings and I look forward to hearing from you.

Please contact Alex Wood directly to book your place.