We will use this page to build a collection of publications that will be of interest to the  SELMAS community. The publications will be drawn  from  speakers and presenters at the annual SELMAS forum, conference or dinner, and other articles of interest to the wider SELMAS community. If you have something you would like to submit, please get in touch with the SELMAS secretary, Alex Wood.

Click on the highlighted links to take you to each paper for example :

Margaret Alcorn’s article on Organic CPD in SecEd, Aug 2012

and this link will take you to the document which you can read online or download (click on the small envelope on the left hand side for options).

Sir Tim Brighouse

Via George Gilchrist (thank you George!) on twitter we can download Tim Brighouse’s e-book entitled How Headteachers Survive and Thrive: four phases of leadership; five uses of time; six essential tasks and seven ways to hold on to your sanity

Professor Mark Priestley
Mark Priestley from Stirling University has probably published more research on Curriculum for Excellence than anyone and had made his work freely available through the university’s research repository and his own blog. This paper here may be of interest to school and local authority leaders as it aimed to identify effective practices of curriculum implementation and teachers’ professional learning in the context of Curriculum for Excellence and produce insights to inform sustainable, large-scale curriculum change and teachers’ professional learning, and it points towards some implications for the profession in terms of both practice and policy. Download the paper here

Catriona Oates recently completed a M.Ed dissertation on the theory and practice of Learning Rounds.The secondary education publication, SecEd were interested and published this article about it. Learning Rounds (SecEd, October 2012)

The Strategic Leadership Development Programme ran as a pilot from November 2011 – May 2012. It was jointly supported by Scottish Government, The former National CPD Team and ADES, the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland. The aim of the  programme was to support local authorities in innovative ways of  developing leadership around a chosen priority. The programme was evaluated by Daniel Murphy former founder Director of the Centre for Educational Leadership of the University of Edinburgh, retired headteacher  and now part-time Senior Teaching Fellow at the University of Edinburgh and freelance educationist. The final evaluative report has been kindly shared by Danny and  programme supporters, and can be viewed below.It may be of significant interest to those in the SELMAS community who are themselves working at strategic leadership development level in local authorities, universities or other organisations.

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