Iain White

Ian WhiteThe Govan Heidie since 1994, Iain’s time at the school has been characterised by a massive shift in curricular provision to meet the needs and aspirations of all of the young people. According to Iain, Govan High has been delivering a Curriculum for Excellence since 2006 with senior phase and all other arrangements in place since that time. So what’s all the panic about then?

Iain’s leadership style has been moulded by observation of leaders in action and extensive study within and beyond the world of education. He has travelled and researched widely in search of inspiration and ideas, having visited schools in Australia, the USA, South Africa, the Irish Republic, Northern Ireland, England and throughout Scotland. He is passionate in his belief that everything that the school does must be in the interests of the ‘Govan weans’. Never afraid to tell it how he sees it, Iain is often asked to speak at national educational gatherings.Iain’s blog can be followed on the school website http://www.ghs100.org.uk and much information about Govan High may be found there.

Iain is a Greenockian and consequently has the inside track on that most famous of schools Waterloo Road. In his spare time, his hobbies are his wife and family, golf, playing the bagpipes, Robert Burns, after dinner speaking, watching football, travel, reading, eating out and generally having fun.The songs that are touchstones for him are ‘My Way’, ‘Keeping the Dream alive’ and ‘Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think’…