Update from the National PL Network

In our customary tradition of collaboration we have been invited by the chair of the National PL Network, Gillian Hunt to share the latest update on their work. Thanks Gillian, I’m sure this will be of great interest to SELMAS members.

Welcome to the March Digest!
Lots has been happening in the Scottish Professional Learning Network with our first Network Day of the year taking place on 23.2.15 at the University of Edinburgh, our Professional Learning Network Committee meeting on 3.3.15, the announcements made by Nicola Sturgeon about the new qualification for headship and additional funding for masters and planning for our next Network Day on Tuesday 26.5.15.
The Network is comprised of all 32 local authorities, 8 Universities, the General Teaching Council of Scotland GTCS, Education Scotland, Scottish Government, the Scottish College for Educational Leadership (SCEL), the EIS, AHDS, SLA, NASUWT, ADES, VSCS, SCSSA, SQA and a number of other organisations such as the Scottish Educational Leadership Management and Administration Society (SELMAS) Keep Scotland Beautiful, Scottish College Development Network, Skills Development Scotland and Character Scotland. Our Network’s purpose is to bring together local authority officers and other national partners in a community which offers mutual support and benefit to its members. There are five key objectives of the Network:
 Inform and shape national policy
 Lead and develop professional learning and leadership at all levels nationally
 Innovate and inspire across all aspects of professional learning
 Support collegiate and collaborative practice
 Act as a communication hub to support local and national professional learning policy implementation
At our Network Day on 23.2.15 the key messages/issues were:
Scottish Government Update
 Teaching Scotland’s future Legacy Event 6 May 2015 in Edinburgh.
 GTCS e-portfolio – some local authorities using own. If LAs wish to use GTCS one must opt in
 Aspect Review of TSF Partnerships taking place now practice and emerging good practice. Report to be published autumn 2015
 Raising attainment – Improving attainment/closing the gap. There will be £100m over four years with a first tranche of £20m for 2015/16 announced. Focus will be on literacy/numeracy/health and wellbeing in the primary sector.
 Nicola Sturgeon announced on 23.2.15 that the new qualification for Headship will be mandatory 2018/19 (legislation to come) for new head teachers. SQH or FRH already awarded are valid. Those with that qualification and new to headship may wish to engage in the ‘Extended Induction’ (see below).
 £3 million further investment into masters over three years (£1 million 2015/16)
Developing the Young Workforce (DYW)
 DYW is the full expression of Curriculum for Excellence and we need to concentrate on the how of it, which is a challenge
 There is no argument on why we do this, we have buy in from stakeholders
 Not for teachers only, has to be for all practitioners – teachers, lecturers, CLD workers, parents
 June 2014 report was published – 53000 young people didn’t know what they will do, society has no use for them
 Our biggest challenge and the most exciting aspect is collaborative working. We need to let go, move away from what we’re known for, our reputation
Scottish College for Educational Leadership
SCEL Board
 The Board is not representative – people were selected for their knowledge and skills and there is now a co-opted teacher on the Board
 Now a team of 6: Gillian Hamilton; Lesley Whelan; Tracy Henderson; John Daffurn; an Organisation Manager and a Communications Intern
 Other posts will follow and an advert for consultants is out now. Consultants are required to deal with capacity and can be from within and out with education profession. Expressions of interest are also sought from recently retired colleagues. Consultants will not be advising SCEL on what to do but to take forward pieces of work over a fixed period. Paying £250-400 a day.
 SCEL is for all teachers and encompasses age 3-18
 Its purpose is to bring coherence, not delivery or brokering (though will do some delivery)
 Framework for Educational Leadership – to be used by individuals to plan their professional learning, by Local Authorities to plan professional learning for others and by other providers to plan professional learning
Regional Networks
 There will be 8 regional networks, each with a network leader
 Link to existing networks, such as Professional Learning Network
 Each Local Authority will have a link person
 For experienced head teachers, at least 5 years’ experience
 End of first cohort – worked as a pilot, with participants and stakeholders, success leads to award of fellowship and fellows represent and work on behalf of SCEL
 Second phase just recruited
Headship Qualification
 Will work from strengths of SQH and FRH and will have online aspects
 60 credit programme (Into Headship)
 Not a generic leadership programme, it’s about headship
 Programme outline by end of March 2015
 Will recruit in time for start in August 2015
 Applicants will be asked to evaluate self against the Standard, it will be about readiness for headship (a HT in next 2-3 years)
 There will be a Masters degree (180 credits) – 60 Middle Leadership, 60 Into Headship and 60 ‘Extended Induction’
Reach of the Network
We asked the following questions:
1. What are the ways we support the roll out of information and ideas across our organisations?
2. What are the barriers to the flow of information?
3. What are the successful ways information gets shared and discussed?
4. Where do we need to build our capacity and what would help?
5. What next steps should the PLNetwork take?
The collation of responses will be posted soon.
Network Day 26.5.15
At the Committee Meeting on 3.3.15 we discussed the Network Day on 23.2.15 and began thinking about the next Network Day which is on Tuesday 26.5.15 at the University of Strathclyde. Some of the ideas we came up with are: approaches to professional learning/work-based learning; reflecting on the impact of professional learning; learning for sustainability; Developing the Young Workforce – possible cafe conversations exploring what professional learning looks like, how primary schools contribute to DYW, how early career teachers are encouraged to think about DYW; and an update from Scottish Government.
It was agreed that whatever we feature will be a follow up to the TSF Legacy event on 6 May 2015.
The planning group taking this forward are: Roseanne Fitzpatrick; Celia McArthur; John Daffurn; Susanne Batchelor; and Rebecca Chad.
From Our Network Day 23.2.15
Posted: 09 Mar 2015 08:53 AM PDT
It was great to welcome 56 members of our Professional Learning Network to the University for our first Network Day of 2015!
At that event we had an update from David Roy from Scottish Government, a session on Developing the Young Workforce (the Wood Commission) with Joan MacKay of Education Scotland, a comprehensive update on the Scottish College for Educational Leadership (SCEL) from its Chief Executive, Gillian Hamilton and her colleague Lesley Whelan and an activity session on the reach of the Network.
It was a great day and we’d really like to know more about what you thought of it so are going to send you 4 questions (by email)
1. What was most useful to you and why?
2. What would you like more of?
3. What are you willing to share at a future Network Day?
We were delighted to welcome 56 delegates and most of you used the room to network with colleagues prior to our 11.00 a.m. start. However we did lose many delegates throughout the short day and by the time we were on our last session (2.00 – 3.00 p.m.) on the reach of the Network we were down to 29 delegates. So with that in mind our last question is around start/finish times with a view to holding onto delegates for each of our sessions.
4. Would you prefer an earlier start/finish time to enable you to stay for the whole event and are there any suggestions you have in terms of timing/length/organisation of the day?
Gillian Hunt
Chair of the Scottish Professional Learning Network