SELMAS annual conference 2015: Equity and Aspiration in Education

CIC imageA return to the age of Enlightenment?


We are delighted to announce the support of our friends at SCEL, Scotland’s College for Educational Leadership, and also our sister organisation BELMAS in hosting this event.

SELMAS has chosen an auspicious date and historic setting of The Caves in Edinburgh for its 2015 annual conference

which addresses the theme of equity and education. Once the venue for the famous “Oyster Club” of the Enlightenment, frequented by Adam Smith and other such luminaries, this UNESCO protected world heritage site is the ideal location for an honest and open debate around aspects of the challenge of (in)equity in education.

Cost – £85: book now via eventbrite – confirmed programme:

SELMAS Annual  Conference 2015: Equity and Aspiration – How can education contribute to the creation of a more equitable society?

Friday 13th November, The Caves, Edinburgh


9.30        Coffee and registration

10.00     Welcome and introduction: Margaret Alcorn, Convenor of SELMAS

10.15     Why the Caves?: Neil Craik-Collins, SELMAS Committee member                                                                      10.25     Keynote 1Professor Walter Humes, University of Stirling    

10.45     Group discussion 1        

11.15     Keynote 2:  Carol Craig, CEO Centre for Confidence & Wellbeing                                                                           11.35     Group discussion 2      

12.00     Danny Murphy leads a conversation between Walter Hume and Carol Craig on comments from the group discussion

12.20     Lunch and networking

1.20        Keynote 3Gerry Lyons Head Teacher St. Andrew’s RC Secondary

1.40        Group discussion 3

2.00        Keynote 4: Jim McColl, Entrepreneur

2.20        Angela Constance, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Life-long Learning

2.40        Panel discussion led by Margaret Alcorn

3.20        Danny Murphy: Final reflections

4.00     Conference closes

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