A message from out-going SELMAS secretary, Alex Wood

Dear Colleague
I attach a copy of the draft minutes of last week’s committee meeting.
There are several key pieces of information from that meeting which I wish to draw to your attention.
Margaret Alcorn (margaret_alcorn@yahoo.com )and Gillian Hunt (Gillian.Hunt@edinburgh.gov.uk ) have been re-elected as convenor and treasurer respectively.  I have stood down from the secretary’s post.  The new secretary is Bob Cook.  Bob can be contacted onbobcook@blueyonder.co.uk .
I also attach our updated Aims paper.  At the March committee meeting the old Aims paper was amended in various sections.  One of the amendments was to add a sentence into the paragraph describing committee membership.  That sentence reads:
        Membership of the committee is open to anyone who is willing to attend at least half the committee meetings and to assist in the running of SELMAS’s major events.
I want to emphasise that no-one expects any of the committee members, who are all busy, committed professionals, to attend all meetings.  There are usually at least four meetings a year.  In the year that is drawing to a close there were five committee meetings.  Two out of  five is not, I firmly believe, an over onerous commitment to seek.  We had over 35 members on the committee mailing list.  Some had not attended a committee meeting, or indeed a SELMAS event, for two years.  Attendance at this year’s committee meetings were 9, 14, 12, 13, 10.  In the circumstances, the statement which we added to our Aims document sought to do two things:
  • to clarify that membership of the committee represented a commitment to make a practical contribution to the operation of SELMAS
  • to reduce the level of correspondence to colleagues who can no longer participate.
A few colleagues have indicated that they will no longer remain on the committee.  I have also removed from the committee mailing list the names of colleagues who have not attended for two years.  I am circulating these minutes to the remaining 30 members on the committee mailing list.   Let Bob know if you no longer wish to be circulated for committee meetings.
Please also note that Neil Craik-Collins is coordinating the organising committee for the coming year’s Conference.  If you are willing to help with that task please contact Neil: ncraik-collins@ross.elcschool.org.uk
Please note that the next meeting will be at 3.00 pm on Wednesday 2 September in Waverley Court.
Finally, this will be my last communication as Secretary.  It has been a pleasure and an honour to act in that capacity and I have thoroughly enjoyed the professional companionship and intellectual stimulation, which have long been the hallmarks of SELMAS, and the support of SELMAS’s two dedicated officers, convenor Margaret Alcorn, and treasurer Gillian Hunt.  My thanks and best wishes are extended to you all.  I am certain that Bob Cook will do a great job for SELMAS and that SELMAS will remain one of the most important, independent and challenging of educational organisations.
Best wishes.

One thought on “A message from out-going SELMAS secretary, Alex Wood

  1. dannymurphyvso.wordpress.com/@DannySMurphy07759295027Thanks for this Catriona.. and for all your work for SELMAS over the past few years.. You’ll be a hard act to follow!Hope that PhD is coming alongAll the bestDanny M Latest publications: Murphy, D., Croxford, L., Howieson, C., Raffe, D. (eds) (2015) Everyone’s Future: lessons from fifty years of Scottish comprehensive schooling, London: Trentham/Institute of EducationMurphy, D. (2014) Schooling Scotland: Education, equity and community, Edinburgh: Argyll Press http://www.postcardsfromscotland.co.uk/book_07.htmlMurphy, D. (2nd edition 2013) Professional School Leadership: Dealing with Dilemmas, Edinburgh: Dunedin Academic Press. Also available in all e.book formats. http://www.dunedinacademicpress.co.uk/display.asp?k=9781780460185 Forthcoming publications:O’Brien, J., Murphy. D., Draper, J., Forde, C., McMahon, M. (2015) School Leadership (3rd completely revised edition), Edinburgh: Dunedin Academic Press

    Date: Sun, 7 Jun 2015 15:58:22 +0000 To: lornshillht@hotmail.com

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