Social justice in schools: our three priorities exercise

A Capture of our three social justice priorities for schools

A Capture of our three social justice priorities for schools

And here is a summary of your priorities:

SELMAS Social justice conference October 2014

You three priorities for better social justice in schools:

Values and learning priorities

Establish Common values.
Discuss values and empowerment.
Ensure core values adopted across school community & challenge those who don’t.
Shared vision and values.
Develop “political literacy.”
Understanding of difference, respect, acceptance.
Staff development CLPL.
CPD for all school community.
Lead by example.
Remind staff of the power to change.
Discuss assumptions/intolerance.
Challenge assumptions.
Encourage diversity of staff to reflect society. 

Achievement for all priorities

Encouraging high expectations.

Growth mindsets

Greater opportunities for all.
Inclusion – achievement for all through in inclusive curriculum.
No exclusion.
Use GIRFEC in theory and practice.


Encouraging connections priorities

Partnerships across agencies.
Parental needs – involving parents.
Value Parental contribution.
Parental engagement.
Involving parents .

Democracy and power priorities

Challenge status quo.
Sharing decision making.
Involving young people in making decisions.
Devolve budgets.
Promote democracy.

Encourage disadvantaged voices in decision making.
Breaking down remaining social structural hierarchies –setting.
Challenge accepted hierarchies.

And a summary of your 3 priorities for better social justice in Scotland

Worlde SJ2

Professional responsibility priorities 

Take our professional responsibility to challenge structures which maintain and reproduce inequality seriously

Challenge the status quo & question political agendas

Working with partners

Develop positive aspirations and mindsets

Democracy and equality priorities 


More devolution of power

More power to communities

Reform Welfare system – funding to tackle deprivation

UNIRC (rights of the child) embedded in legislation

Ensure political commitment and agreed common plan for achieving greater equality

Establish “citizens’ income” or living wage

Introduce child poverty tax


Schooling  priorities 

More focus on EY

Improve quality of EY experience for all

Extend school starting age

GIRFEC is vital


Remove competitive statistical comparisons between schools

Eradicate discrimination of “less good” school

Reduce school segregation faith/private schools



Wider  priorities 

Use of social media to educate

Adverts on TV to promote social justice

Devlop neighbourhood vocational classes/ certificates/apprenticeships

Reinforce family values

Enforce a better work ethic

Encourage less fear around failure and small accidents

Challenge H&S dictats

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