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Spring forum – social justice

Social Justice is our theme for 2014 – the focus of both the Spring Forum and annual conference. I also happen to have been foraging around a bit on this theme for a 1st year seminar I’m teaching next week. I thought it might be helpful to share some of the links I’ve come across, in anticipation of the forum, in case anyone wants to do a bit of advance reading.

Danny Dorling’s book “Injustice” seems to deal with this issue in a very coherent and accessible way – link above. dan

More links to clips of Danny’s talks

Injustice extras

For many educators, Freire is an obvious source in this debate (thanks to Mark Healy @cjane02 on twitter for this link)

Professor Diane Reay is another academic who has a strong interest in social justice and inequality. This thought piece is a good starting point in the social justice in schooling agenda.

Professor Stephen Ball has written extensively on education policy and social class and this thought piece – Education, justice and democracy: The struggle over ignorance and opportunity is well worth reading, in its own right AND as an introduction to the rest of his writing.

Both the above pieces were sourced from the CLASS website a think tank providing this very fertile foraging-ground for shared knowledge of all aspects of social justice.

A free issue of Research Papers in Education with a paper on Academies, Free Schools and Social Justice.

bell hooks talks about ‘the practice of freedom’ as a way of engaging with social justice in education

The annual conference 2014 also worked on the theme of social justice and Lesley Riddoch highlighted the work going on in Nordic Horizons as a useful source of information and discussion.

As part of Nordic Horizons, Pasi Sahlberg shared a presentation on equity he made to the Scottish Parliament scotland-parliament-2012

Lesley Riddoch’s book, Blossom on what it will take to make Scotland flourish addresses issues of power and poverty

If you can think of any further links that might be interesting or useful for the forum please leave a comment and we will add them to our list.
SELMAS is grateful for the support and sponsorship of the Scottish Government.

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