ACTS Annual Conference 2014: Exploring Leadership

ACTS CONFERENCE 2014 – PROGRAMME 2 The Association of Chartered teachers in Scotland will be holding their annual conference on Saturday, March 1st in the Stirling Management Centre. As always the programme offers an interesting ranges of speakers and workshops including Petra Wend, Principal and Vice Chancellor of Queen Margaret University;Ken Muir, Chief Executive of GTCS and Chris McIlroy, former CHMIE and central to a range of developments in Scottish education. The afternoon session will be chaired by Graham Donaldson, former CHMIE and author of “Teaching Scotland’s Future”.

Workshops will cover all stages and aspects of education, and there will be lots of opportunities throughout the day for discussion, debate and sharing. An interesting addition to this year’s workshop sessions is ‘TeachMeet’, giving delegates themselves the opportunity to deliver a short 2 – 5 minute presentation on a topic of their choice. For full details and booking, see the ACTS website

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