Programme for the day
The scary world of student leadership: What will education and schools look like in 2023 and how will you play a role in leading that?

LARBERT HIGH SCHOOL Thursday 31 October 2013

9.00 am – 09.45 am Registration

9.00 am – 09.45 am St Kentigern’s Academy video on Child Poverty and Sport Scotland video playing in the hall

09.45 am – 09.55 am Chairperson’s opening remarks and brief welcome from Jon Reid (HT, Larbert HS)

09.55 am – 10.25 am A panel of P6-7 pupils (from Roseburn PS and Paradykes PS) setting the challenge to the conference: what we want our schooling to be like when we finish secondary school.

10.25 am – 11.05 am Keynote (followed by discussion)
JASON WHITE, former Scotland rugby captain
· How do we build confidence, ambition and aspiration in all our young people? What should schools do to help build such confidence?
· How my schools served me and how I would want schools to change to serve future generations.
· What lessons I draw from my success in the sporting world for young people in today’s world

11.05 am – 11.20 am Coffee

11.20 – 11.55 What we learned at the SELMAS Conference and what we’ve done with it: Ross HS senior students

11.55 – 12.15 Learning Task

12.15 pm – 1.15 pm Lunch

1.15 pm – 1.45 pm How we want to our schools to change, two interactive presentations: Govan HS and St Andrews HS

1.45 pm – 2.05 pm Learning task

2.05 pm – 2.45 pm Wizardry vs Relationships: how will the future look? Mark Cunningham and Alan McLean

2.45 pm – 3.05 pm Learning task

3.05 pm – 3.20 pm Plenary discussion

3.20 pm – 3.30 pm Summing-up and challenge to the audience


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