Join our online community


The SELMAS online community on Glow has two main purposes:

1. To provide an online space for SELMAS members and leadership enthusiasts to share their practice and their thinking; to reflect on the impact of these and to interact with each other.

2. To link SELMAS into the wider education leadership community by being part of the national professional learning community.

Therefore, once you’ve joined SELMAS, you can easily join any of the other communities by using a simple method of tagging. One sign-up lets you join, then you decide where you want to be using the tags. Ours is #SELMAS and you can find out what the others are by having a look in their communities. Here is a list of all the different professional communities so far – it’s growing so make sure you keep up! All the leadership communities are orange.


Sign-up is simple: go to this link on Glow and click the “Join” button at the top right hand side of the community members list. You’ll be taken to a simple form to fill in. It’s helpful if you have a photo handy on your computer to complete the process. Any problems contact Catriona – you’ll find my email address in the members list.

And with impeccable timing, Con Morris of Education Scotland explains all in this letter to TESS last week!

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