A few links from the conference

Carol Craig’s website

Carol Craig’s resources on mindset for working with young people

The Creating Confidence Handbook

Area for people working with children and youth

Carol Craig draws heavily on the work of Carol Dweck on fixed and growth mindsets. Dweck has previously attended the Scottish Learning Festival in Glasgow – you can watch a recording of her talk in 2009, and see the mindset work above.

Referenced by Don Ledingham, a synposis of Dennis Mongon and Richard Leadbetter’s book on School Leadership for Public Value

Preston Lodge pupils’ presentation: a pupils’ perspective on learning in the 21st century

The Pupil’s Perspective of Learning in The 21st Century on Prezi

Don Ledingham’s presentation on the Seven Sides of Educational Leadership

Govan High pupils share their thoughts on #SELMAS2012

On the 27th of November 3 Govan High pupils attended a SELMAS conference along with two teachers and the pupils were; Katie Hughes, Billijo Graham and Jennifer Baird. The conference was held in the Stirling Management Centre in Stirling University. As pupils, we found the conference enlightening and intriguing. During the conference there were guest speakers Craig Munro, Carol Craig, pupils from Preston Lodge and Don Ledingham. These speakers spoke in different ways and made us see the development of education in a new light. The main points we took from Craig Munro was ‘the point of context’. Craig Munro said you can’t judge a school purely on the figures. You have to look at the context, for example, taking into consideration factors such as ethnicity and deprivation in areas. Carol Craig spoke more about the mind and reminded us of a course we took called PX2. Don Ledingham came across as a passionate man while speaking. He made us believe he had a genuine care for our community. While speaking he interacted with the audience and used strong hand gestures. The most fascinating presentation was from Preston Lodge. They spoke about technology in schools, they told us about how they had developed the use of Google drive and documents with their teachers. They also explained how they had developed the use of twitter. The use of these devices in our opinion would enhance discussion and communication between teachers and pupils. This was very appealing to us as we think that we tend to struggle with homework and having contact with teachers out of school hours and this would improve this problem massively. But we cannot use these devices in school as they are blocked. We think this is ridiculous and Glasgow City Council are completely out of order. They are implying that teachers can’t supervise a class because the restrictions are in place and the council believe the pupils will take advantage and go onto inappropriate websites. After seeing the conference, wished we could have a chief executive in our council like Don Ledingham. The main thing we took from Carol Craig’s presentation was that it made us think about how should think about ourselves. As ‘Graduate’ pupils we are led to believe that we are not better than anyone else but Carol made us think that perhaps we should feel better about ourselves and if we don’t then there’s a problem. Everyone should have that mindset. Overall we took a lot from the conference and throughout we were undoubtedly engrossed in the ideas from the speakers.

Katie Hughes Billijo Graham Jennifer Baird

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