Join our online community on Glow: more SELMAS wisdom online!

Our blog here will  keep you  up to date with all our news, events and  publications. You can favourite this blog in your bookmarks, follow it if you’re a blogger yourself or receive automatic updates every time a post is published by clicking the RSS button on the left hand sidebar.  In addition to this we also have an online professional learning community on Glow:  : where using various tools, you can
connect with colleagues interested in SELMAS, (see the connect area)
share your leadership knowledge and experiences;(add something to the share area)
engage in further online professional learning opportunities (have a look at the learn area)
keep track of how your professional  learning is helping you change your practice (in the change area)
In advance of Wednesday’s conference, I’d like to invite you to join our online community by adding yourself to the it in connect area – just follow the instructions on the page (you need to have your Glow login and a photo handy). We’ll spend a bit of time exploring our online spaces on Wednesday but meantime, we are looking forward to seeing you at both our online and face to face learning opportunities!

2 thoughts on “Join our online community on Glow: more SELMAS wisdom online!

  1. Craig Munro presentation @ SELMAS2012 was inspirational. All teachers should hear what he had to say. Is their a link to his presentation? Would love to let all our staff hear his message.

    • Hi David we are just waiting for Craig to get back to us with a version of his presentation – it will appear in the event links post very soon. Follow us on twitter @SELM4S for updates

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