SELMAS Leadership Forum : Collaboration, COPs, Sculpting and Skills


Margaret March 29th, 2010

SELMAS blob“Shoogled out of our comfort zone”


Last Tuesday colleagues from across Scotland and from a diverse range of professional interests came together at St George’s for SELMAS Leadership Forum 2010. The theme was COLLABORATION IN A CHANGING WORLD.

We had three speakers. Don Ledingham, Executive Director for Education and Children’s Services, East Lothian Council talked about the East Lothian proposal to consider community-based management of its schools. Don explained the process of debate which has now been set in motion by using the metaphor of sculpting: views of all involved will be heard and any change to the system. For more about the developing East Lothian Question, see Don’s learning log:

Our second speaker was Gillian Hunt, Workforce Learning and Development Manager for the City of Edinburgh Children and Families Department. Gillian described a Scottish Government programme called COPS: ‘Collaborating for Outcomes in the Public Sector’ involving colleagues from a range of public sector organisations, such as local authorities, NHS, Police, Prison Service, Care Commission, and Scottish Government. She encouraged all the SELMAS guests to get out of our boxes and think creatively about partnership working.

Finally Iain White, Headteacher of Govan High School in Glasgow, spoke. HMI have commended Ian’s success in developing partnership working with a range of organisations, through the Govan initiative, the Glasgow-Hunter Partnership, Columba 1400 and with primary schools in the New Learning Community. Iain described how the school has built a growing number of valuable partnerships with businesses, helping young people to develop important skills and increase their knowledge of the world of work

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